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Should I hire a birth photographer or videographer? When budget makes you choose

When it comes to having a baby, budgets don't always allow for both videography and birth photography. We're forced to making the big decision: Should I invest in birth photos or birth video? That's a tough decision to make, and I'm here to help. Here’s a few things to consider when making your decision.

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One question you must ask a birth photographer before booking

Shopping for a birth photographer? There's one very important question you must ask before booking. The answer could make or break your birth story and leave you with nothing but a broken heart.

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Three reasons to hire both a birth photographer AND a doula

If you've done any shopping for doula services or birth photographers, you've noticed there are quite a few "two-in-one" services that offer both. But... This isn’t always the best option. Find out why you should invest in both.

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Planning for an Unplanned Birth Experience | Dallas/Fort Worth Birth Photography Birth & Life Photography

There are so many checklists and tips for creating the perfect birth plan but many women are traumatized each year when their birth experience does not go according to plan. Help yourself fend off Birth PTSD with this comprehensive checklist to prepare for the unplanned birth experience.

Dallas/Fort Worth Birth Photographer Birth & Life Photography

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What's the deal with photo mats?

Did you know there's a purpose to photo mats? It isn't just to add some coordinated color to your wall decor. Sure the contrasting solid block around your photographs draws your eye inward to the photo; however, photo mats do something even more important than that. 

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