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It’s time to book the only photo session that helps you stress less.

You’re tired of awkward poses and fake smiles.

You want photographs that are unique…compelling. Real.

And really easy.


I know exactly how you feel and you’re in the right place.


What if your family photos gave you all the feels ...

... and actually looked like you?

If you're ready to embrace real life and show the world all that makes your family fabulous...

... this session is for you.


Life As We Know It Family Photojournalism sessions do just that – and more!

 We take your amazing real life in all it’s imperfect glory and create gorgeous, meaningful artwork that makes you feel something wonderful every time you look at it.  

There is no preparing, no awkward smiles, and no posing

And no added stress.

I simply document the authentic, organic story of your unscripted beautiful, everyday life with the wonderful people that make up your family.   

Because ordinary life is extraordinary.

And real is riveting.


Because here’s the thing…

There are so many delightful moments in each day we have with our family… moments you want to remember forever. Things like great big toothless smiles and milk mustaches. Snuggles and so much more.

Just like baby’s first steps…
You know these moments are fleeting.

Life As We Know It sessions help you make time stand still.


Family Photojournalism captures things like…

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos Video

dynamic & Personality

We capture all the dynamics, qualities, and personality of your family and each of its members. It’s what makes your family unique and wonderful, and its truly why you love them.

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos prints

Quality Time

You know - those moments where siblings get along and your family engages with each other, and you can’t help but be thankful for this great blessing? We document those so you can keep the peace forever.

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos framed artwork


Most importantly, we capture the real emotions that happen each day but often go unnoticed - snuggles and silliness, love and laughter, humor, and hope. Because life would be so boring without them.

“I wasn’t sure how this was going to go - having someone follow us around with a camera all day. But this session was amazing. And the pictures - we just love them. That’s our family.”
— Sam Efferah

How does it work?

It’s so simple you’ll have time for that extra cup of coffee.

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Schedule A consultation

We’ll jump on a call to talk about your session. You’ll tell me about your wonderful family, and the things that make your story unique. Then book a session date & time length - Don’t worry about practices or other scheduled things. Life As We Know It sessions work around your real life in real time. 

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Enjoy Time with your family

Prepare nothing! That’s right -Leave the matching outfits in the closet. Princess dresses and superhero capes are totally welcome here. Because some of the best moments happen on uneventful days.   I’ll tag along like one of the family, observing and photographing the great moments of the day.

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REveal & Ordering

A few weeks after your session we’ll get back together where you’ll see your story unfold in a video slideshow. Here you’ll order your framed and matted prints, and digital files. Choose from a gallery wall package or create your own package. I’ll return one more time to deliver your order and hang your frames.


Isn’t that simple?

I love these photos so much I cried! This was seriously the easiest photo session of my life. I didn’t have to scream at my kids to sit still and smile or worry about everyone’s outfit. It was truly amazing. And you captured my kids perfectly. It’s exactly who we are. They’re perfect.
— Nicole Baronick
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What's Included with your session?

Here’s everything you get!

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos heirloom album baby book

Handmade Album

A handmade leather album keeps your family photographs where they beautifully organized and in the safest place – in your hands, close to your heart.

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos Video

Video Slideshow

All your photos are bundled into a video slideshow so you can watch the fun and beauty of your authentic story unfold, and so you can share your day and the family you love with friends and family.

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos Digital Files

Digital Files

All the digital files from your gallery so you can share and reprint to your heart’s content. We can do that for you, too. Because sometimes life gets crazy, and pro-photos are fabulous.

Professional Family Documentary Photographer DFW Family Photojournalism Stress Free Family Photographs Family Portraits at home Keller Southlake Fort Worth Texas

…and an Extra Bonus just because. 

No matter what they day entails, you always need a family group portrait.

For no additional charge, I include a moment to get everyone naturally posed for just a moment to get that one great family shot that completes your day.

Because it is an important part of the story. 

And Family is what Birth & Life Photography is all about. 


Sounds Wonderful!

How much does family photojournalism cost?

You can hit the mom groups and get a photographer who does the same ol’ thing and hope you get a few decent shots, stick the disk in a drawer after posting them on Facebook, and maybe in a few years you’ll print some 4x6s at the drugstore…


You can spend your time actually making real memories with your family (with zero stress) and get personality-packed photos hung on your walls – without lifting a finger.

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Life As We Know It Sessions

Family Photojournalism Sessions

Family photography is an investment in more than just photos.

After the princess dresses are gone and the dorm room door has closed, you want to be certain that you will never forget these moments… the moments that make up the story of your family.

This is the only choice that endures beyond your lifetime.

Make no compromises with your memories.


Session Options & Pricing

Choose your session length from one of the following options

Gallery Wall-01.png

Two Hour

40 Page
8x12 Album
Video Slide Show
Digital Files


Gallery Wall-02.png

Half Day

60 Page
8x12 Album
Video Slide Show
Digital Files


Gallery Wall-03.png

Full Day

80 Page
8x12 Album
Video Slide Show
Digital Files



Just want the session without the included album & digital files? Book your session for $125 per hour, minimum two hours.


Plus get an additional bonus when you book a Full Day Session

When you book a Full Day session, you’ll get a FREE heirloom 11x14 custom framed print.

Because free artwork is awesome! Like free guac!

Valued at $219


I get it, You think your life is too…boring.

But let me ask you…

What is the one thing you love most about your family right now in this season of life?

Soon your little one will learn to ride a two-wheeler, and then drive a car.

Before long, they’re off to college.

Your life will go from “nesting” to “empty nesters” in what seems like the blink of an eye.

And all you will be left with are memories.
Like how your little one takes their ‘lovey’ everywhere they go.

Photographs are the only guaranteed way to keep these memories forever. And Birth & Life Photography helps you preserve your story for generations to come. 

Together we embrace this crazy-wonderful life you love and create magnetic photographs you love as much as your kids.

Because candid photos are the best, and real smiles are even better.

And if you can do that without stress…
well that’s like winning the lotto!

Plus, 10% of sales go toward Cook Children’s

This donation made in your honor helps improve the health and lives of children right here in DFW.

Because Cook’s Loves our children as much as we do



It’s about helping you rest so you can focus on being together as a family!


Oh, but let me introduce myself!

Because we aren’t strangers around here!

I’m Alex, a PR/Journalism Pro turned story-focused photographer.  After 15+ years of photography and newspaper story telling experience, birth and family photojournalism just fit like a great pair of jeans. 

As a busy workin’ mom who saw it fly by too fast, I've been in your shoes.  I know how important these simple moments in life are and how fast they pass us by. 

I've made it my mission to help busy mothers like you document the best moments – the things they love and will miss most about their families – and turn them into the most highly valued artwork for your home.

Because your story is significant and deserves to be more than just a digital file.

Birth Stories Fort Worth Birth and Life Photography Family Photojournalism Documentary Birth Photography for busy moms

Random Facts & Stats

1 Journalism Degree

15+ Years’ Experience

12 Years as a Mom

too many cups of coffee to count


Features, Awards & Othersuch



Life As We Know It Sessions are perfect for…

✔ Kids who hate to sit still
✔ Family adventures
✔ Adoptions
✔ Stay-cations
✔ Vacations
✔ Rainy days
✔ Parties
✔ …and so much more!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, this is your invitation to tell your family’s story.