Birth Photography

The birth of a child is the greatest
love story of your life.


Your beautiful, tiny baby, which took months of love and care to create, will join this wonderful world in one fleeting moment.  It is the one time you are forced to live in the moment rather than focus on the details - many of which are missed during the event.

As a birth photographer, my mission is to document every precious moment and emotion of your birth story so that you may visually reflect on this wonderful day, the moment their story begins,  and treasure them for years to come.


What story do you want to tell?

Not every birth is the same, nor is every birth story.  Some mothers value every detail of their birth, and others just want a little more privacy to their story.  No matter which story you choose,  I would love to photograph the greatest love story of your life.

Booking Your Birth

Choose one of our birth photography service coverage options below.  Each option includes one of our Bowery albums. Payment plans and gift registry is available. A $250 retainer is required at the time of booking to reserve your due date.


welcome home

For those who want every detail and more.

Your Welcome Home birth story includes:

  • Maternity Mini with Makeup Artist

  • The Birth Story session

  • Four Hours of family photojournalism your first day home with your new baby

  • 40-page | 80-slide 11x14 Bowery Book Album of selected photographs

  • Video slideshow of your story plus modesty version for social sharing

Alex Shelley Photography DFW Birth Photography Birth Stories
Alex Shelley Photography DFW Birth Photography Birth Stories

birth story

For those who want to photograph the main story

Your birth story includes:

  • Unlimited coverage of active labor & delivery plus two hours of bonding after delivery

  • Return Coverage for sibling meet & greet (if needed)

  • 20-page | 40-slide 8x10 Bowery Book Album of selected photographs

  • Video Slideshow of your birth story plus a modesty version for sharing


new arrival

For those who prefer to keep the delivery a private affair,

This package is unique and flexible; schedule your photography session right after your baby is born for a Fresh 48, or wait a few days after you’re home and rested. 

The new arrival session simply focuses on the details after your baby is born, not the whole birth. 

Your New Arrival story includes:

  • Two Hours Coverage at home or in the hospital scheduled after baby arrives

  • 20-page | 40-slide 8x10 Bowery Book Album of selected photographs

  • Video slideshow of your story plus modesty version for sharing

The New Arrival session is perfect for adoptions!

Alex Shelley Photography DFW Birth Photography Birth Stories

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Birth Photography FAQs

What if you miss my birth?

I only schedule two birth photography sessions per month to ensure I will be present only for your birth and diminish the possibility of missing the delivery. With an on-call window starting two weeks before your due date, I make every possible effort to be there for your birth. That being said, communication is key for arriving on time.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! You do have the option of setting up a payment plan as well as a gift registry for your birth photography session. You may spread your payments out over the course of your pregnancy with final payment due four weeks before your due date. You may also set up a payment plan for any print package or product purchase after your delivery.

How many photographs do we get with our birth story?

The total number of edited photographs can range from 80 to 200 depending on the length of your birth and the variety of shots taken. You can choose what photographs are included in your album, and all are included in your digital slide show. If you choose the Diamond Print Package with digital files for reprint, every photographic file is included.

How long do you stay after the birth?

I stay about 2 hours after delivery to capture the little details, bonding with your baby, and family meeting. If there are other siblings who will not arrive till later or the next day, I do return to capture that first meeting at no additional charge.

What if I don't want photographs of "down there".

No problem! We only capture what you do want and will go over all your preferences at your birth consultation.

I'm not sure I want my photographs online.

I 100% respect your choice to keep your birth private. That being said, I only use modest photographs of you as well as create a modest version of your slideshow that you would feel comfortable sharing with your friends and family.

For answers to more FAQs, please set up your consultation and I will send you the Birth Client Guide with all the information you could possibly want and more.

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We can't wait to capture your story.