About Birth & Life Photography

At Birth & Life Photography, real is really cool. With so much on social media being faked and staged, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s genuine. For us, we thing the authentic you is the best. And we want to turn those simple everyday moments you love most in life into gorgeous artwork you love to show off. Because it’s your life. And that deserves to be shown off.

Birth & Life Photography turns photographyand storytelling into the business of documenting and preserving your truth with beautiful, heirloom products to elegantly enhance your home and showcase your memories. I focus on you instead of fancy outfits and styled shoots and setups because in the end photograph, I only want your genuine light to shine through.


Meet Melissa Tobias

Melissa is an expert when it comes to your makeup & skincare - especially stunning eye looks.  This banker turned esthetician loves all things makeup and uses her creativity to enhance your natural features, helping you feel beautiful and confident.  Melissa is inspired by women who aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams.  When she isn't busy being the artist and business owner of Makeup by Mela, this new mom enjoys spending her days snuggling her 7-month old, hanging with friends, and Netflix-bingeing.  Her favorite makeup trick? A technique called Tight-lining, which gives the illusion of bigger eyes.  


Our PHILOSOPHY is simple


Focus on real life;
preserve moments that matter 

As you scroll through social media, so much is faked, staged, styled, and photoshopped.  It's easy to lose sight of what is most important in life and appreciate our beauty & everyday blessings as we compare our lives online. 

I document your truth to pass down to your family, so the story of you and your life will live on in history, not to be forgotten.


Passion for print.


The most photographed generation of all time could wind up being the next Lost Generation.


Printing photographs is something I am extremely passionate about.  Those who know me might say I'm a little obsessed, and with good reason.  We are taking photos more than ever, but almost all are digital files.  Very few tangible prints being produced.

We know that digital files are not safe with technology always changing and failing, yet we entrust our memories to clouds and USB drives. If you've ever lost the photos on your phone, you know the heartbreak I am talking about.

An entire generation is growing up without a printed, photographic record of their lives to pass on as our grandparents once did, and thus our stories will soon disappear. 

There are great value and importance of printed photographs in our lives and for the generations after us. The history of where we came from, the legacy of our life and family will continue on for generations all thanks to the power of print. This is why we print.           


Preserve your Story

With a variety of luxurious products, your story is sure to be told for generations.