Cate Wiggins: A Doula Spotlight


Meet Cate Wiggins, the Certified Labor Doula and owner of First Spring Doula.  After one less than perfect birth and one where she got to make the rules for herself, Cate decided offering women support during the birth process was her calling and has never looked back.  When she isn't living the on-call life waiting for a birth, Cate is a contributing writer for the Fort Worth Mom's Blog.  

Cate and I first met through email after partnering up to celebrate First Spring Doula's first birthday.  I can tell you, email does not do that relationship justice!  Cate is such a fun person with an absolutely sunny personality. That big smile you see isn't fake. Not even in the slightest.  You don't meet a stranger when meeting Cate.  You meet a great friend.