Prudence Hazel: A Birth Story


Ashley was ready for her birth.

She planned everything down to the wire to prepare for a smooth birth. With her paramedic/fireman husband Phillip by her side, she left no stone unturned when it came to her birth. The took the classes, and read the books. She design, printed, and laminated the plan, the affirmations, and dad’s list of comfort measures to help her through her labor and delivery.

No matter what this birth presented - they were ready. But Ashley was nervous.


When the lovely ladies at Acclaim Midwives said she needed to be induced early due to Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), she packed her bags, breathed deeply, and checked into Labor & Delivery at Harris Methodist. Phillip and Ashley were ready to meet their baby “P”.

They decided early on that Baby “P” would be a surprise. It was only a matter of time now before they would know - team girl or team boy. Phillip and Ashley didn’t pick sides. They simply prayed for a healthy baby.

Phillip learned all he could to be the best daddy doula to help Ashley during her delivery - and boy did he ever. He was right by her side throughout her laboring. He slept when she slept, and knelt when she knelt - supporting her in every way possible. Looking back on the photographs from their birth, you can see how much love radiated between them.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine
— Song of Solomon 6:3

Ashley since chose to induce naturally and about three weeks early, labor was not easy. She did everything the midwives suggested to get her birth to progress. They walked, and rocked, tried different positions, and rested. To pass the time, Phillip read to her - something they had done throughout the pregnancy so Baby “P” could know the calming sound of daddy’s voice.

Two Harris Methodist Labor & Delivery nurses tended to Ashley during her stay. To say that they worked hard is an understatement - from grabbing juice and hot pads to holding the monitor by hand so Ashley could labor in the position most comfortable to her. They were there for her no matter what.

Finally, after nearly three days of laboring, Baby “P” was ready to arrive! In what seemed like only minutes, Baby “P” was born!

“It’s a…girl!!” Phillip exclaimed! And there she was - a healthy 5 lbs 10 oz little dumpling. She was everything they ever dreamed of and so much more, all wrapped up in a tiny, beautiful package. And her daddy was smitten - with both his new baby and his beautiful, strong wife.

Ashley & Phillip welcomed their beautiful daughter Prudence Hazel into the world on December 23rd - just in time for Christmas. They could not have asked for a better gift.


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