Andi Kate: A Birth Story


In October 2016, after a PCOS diagnosis, Chelsea and John were beyond excited to announce their miracle pregnancy with a portrait session to surprise their family.  (You can read more about their pregnancy announcement and see their fall photographs here.) Their precious bundle wasn't due till the end of May, but after Chelsea's blood pressure reached elevated highs, her OBGYN felt it was time to induce even though a month early.

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Chelsea was immediately admitted that morning into Baylor All Saints downtown on April 28th and labor was induced. After a long and rough labor, Andie Kathleen was born at 3:25 the morning of April 29th.  She was a healthy, tiny little grasshopper, weighing only 5 pounds, 7 ounces.  She immediately had her daddy wrapped around her little bitty finger .


Chelsea, Jonathan, and Andi Kate went home and spent some wonderful time snuggling, resting, and growing (for Andi Kate).  A few weeks later, Andi Kate's cheeks were plump and

A few weeks later, Andi Kate's cheeks were plump and rosy and ready for her close up... [vimeo 229647463 w=1200 h=675]