Senior Portrait Carnival


When Hallie came to me for her senior photos, she wanted something different. She wanted something fun and bright that blended her personality with her love of all things sparkly and glam.  She wanted to shoot at a carnival!

So being the resourceful photographer that I am, you know I found one in our area!

Hallie, her mom, and I loaded into my truck and took a nice ride over to Dallas to take advantage of the wonderful lights, colors and of course, cotton candy.


What I love about working with Hallie (and what Hallie loves about working with me) is I embrace her ideas and personality to create something unique, and so very 'her'. We had so much fun, I think our session lasted over two hours.  There were so many colors and lights. It was perfect.


Which brings me to some words of wisdom for you seniors still working on getting your portraits done:

Do you.


Skip the norm.  You are one of possibly hundreds in your class. Stand out. Embrace all that you are with pride.  Pick something that reflects who you are, not just what you do.  While cheerleading or tennis or football may be your activity, is it who you are? Does it define you? No! You are so much more than your high school activity.


Get creative! Highlight what you love, who you are, and what you want to be.  If you're a book worm, have your portraits done in a library. Love cars and fixing them up? Plan a shoot capturing your labor of love under the hood.

Most importantly, be yourself and have fun! You will love your portraits so much more if you do.

Still need your senior portraits taken? There's still time to book a session with me for the Class of 2018! Book now!