Life As We Know It: The Ervin Family


In the Spring, Makayla Ervin won a New Arrival session from Cate Wiggins at First Spring Doula. Makayla, being one of Cate's clients, was due in June. This would be the Ervin family's second child, the first an adorable curly headed little boy. Makayla was excited to capture her new baby's first moments.

On June 1st, Everett Thomas arrived. The Ervins were so excited to welcome their new baby boy into the world.

But Everett Thomas could not go home. Makayla could not hold her new baby. Doctors found Everette had a blood sugar issue and moved him to the NICU. Understandably, Makayla decided this was not the story of Everett's life she wanted to capture. So we waited. It would be more than two weeks before baby Everett could go home. Makayla was torn between wanting to be at the hospital and home. She just wanted her family to be all together as one.

Finally, on June 16th, her wish came true, and Everett was healthy enough to go home. After a week or so of some good rest and recovery for all of them, we decided to turn her New Arrival session into a Life As We Know It family photojournalism session.  This way, Makayla could document the moments and people she loves the most.

From cartoons to peanut butter sandwiches, the Ervin's day was the perfect day filled with story books, dancing, Peter Pan, and most importantly, lots of love.

[vimeo 228243364 w=1800 h=1013]

Congratulation, Ervin Family!