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It’s time to book the only birth story that helps new moms like you rest.


You’ve dreamed of becoming a mother since you were a little girl – more than your wedding day.

Just like your wedding, you want to preserve this miraculous, once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

Because this baby means everything to you.


What if you could stay in this moment forever - without the labor pains?

Birth Photography Fort Worth

You want beautifully captured
birth photographs…

But you don’t want to waste your time overwhelmed by a ton of digital files.  You don’t have time for that! You barely got your wedding photos printed.

And the thought of adding another DIY project to your new-mom to-do list gives you more anxiety than your water breaking in public.

You want something more for your Birth Story.
You want the best for your baby.

I know exactly how you feel and you are in the right place.

Tell me more!

“Alex is AMAZING!!! She captured our Maternity, Birth and at Home pictures and when I looked at our pictures I cried like a baby! She captured our birth story in such an amazing way. She is so sweet. I highly recommend Alex as the BEST photographer EVER!!!”
— Melissa Dowd
Birth Photography Fort Worth

It’s time to book the only

All-inclusive birth story
that helps you spend your maternity leave doing what you really  want – snuggling your baby.

This is one decision you should make for your baby and YOU.

All the things.png

all while growing a human.
Seriously. You’re supermom!

Think about all the diaper changing and late-night feedings – on top of all the other household duties. Praise Jesus for Central Market grocery delivery!

You deserve to rest!

You deserve to get comfy in your favorite soft PJs, put your new-mom bun up, and do nothing but snuggle your new baby. 

You deserve to entrust this important life event to someone else - A professional who specializes in the challenges of birth photography and cares as much about your birth as you do.

And Birth & Life Photography is your saving grace.      

While other moms are wasting their free time overwhelmed by those digital files, you'll be rocking this new supermom gig (and your baby) with a done-for-you birth story that puts finished products in your hands. 

So you can do something better with your time – like showering… or taking a nap.
Go with the nap


What's Included with your Birth Story?

Here’s everything you get!

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos Digital Files

Exclusive Due Date

A two-week reservation so your birth is the only one on the calendar to better serve you without risk of overlapping due dates and missing your birth.

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos heirloom album baby book

Handmade Album

A handmade leather album keeps your birth photographs where they are safest – in your hands, close to your heart.

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos framed artwork

Framed Art

A framed print of your favorite that is professionally hung for you so you can show off your new little love like the proud mom you are!

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos prints

Gift Prints

Matted Prints to send to send to the family that adores your baby so (or keep for yourself – I won’t tell!).

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos Video

Video Slideshow x2

Slide show video to watch the beauty of your story unfold (no epidural needed this time). Plus modesty edit of the slide show, so you can feel comfortable sharing with family (without the personal bits showing).

Birth Photography Fort Worth Dallas Labor and Delivery photos Digital Files

Digital Files

All the digital files from your gallery so you can share and reprint as you like.

Professional Birth Photos Fort Worth Twin Birth Big Sister Baby makes 3 labor and delivery photos and c-sections

…and an Extra Bonus just because. 

After a long birth, you might not be feeling like your best self. And no one would fault you for that.

For no additional charge, I return to the hospital to get a few great first family photos after you’ve had a chance to rest, take a shower, and feel like confident self again. 

Have older kids that need to meet their new sibling?

I come back for those moments as well. 
Because that is an important part of the story. 

And Family is what Birth & Life Photography is all about.




How does it work?

The birth story process

Best birth photographer in Fort Worth Labor and Delivery Process for Hosital Births, home births, and birth centers

Schedule a Consultation

Complete the application and we’ll set a date to meet for your favorite pregnancy craving and get to know each other. You’ll tell me about your birth plan and the moments important to you for your story.

Best birth photographer in Fort Worth Labor and Delivery Process for Hosital Births, home births, and birth centers

Book your Due Date

If it’s a fit, we’ll get your due date block on the calendar.  Two weeks before you’re due, I go on call for only you – no sharing due dates with another mom!

Best birth photographer in Fort Worth Labor and Delivery Process for Hosital Births, home births, and birth centers

Make the Call

When the time comes to deliver your baby, you call and I go! I’ll stay with you till the story is through.  Then while you rest & recoup, I’ll transform your photos into your beautiful complete birth story.

Only Two birth story due date blocks are available each month

Spots fill Quickly; Are you ready to capture your birth story?


Birth & Life Photography isn’t just about taking important pictures

It’s about helping you rest

So you can focus on being a great mom


Sounds Wonderful!

How much does birth photography cost?

Well, you can leave it to your birth partner to snap a couple of shots on the iPhone, leaving them out of photos entirely, and risk missing the important moments of this once-in-a-lifetime moment, then spending hours printing digital files you’ll leave in a box somewhere…


You can entrust this priceless moment to a professional birth photographer who specializes in this life event.  And get your birth story beautifully preserved with all the things above - without taking snuggle time away from you and your baby.

Birth Photography Fort Worth

Birth & Life Photography 

Birth Photography Package & Pricing

Everything all bundled up, nice and cozy

Birth photography is an investment just like a wedding. Only you never know when it starts or when it ends. This party could last 8 hours, 24 hours… or longer. 

However long your labor & delivery, I'll be there with you through the entirety to make certain you never forget the moment your baby is born … the minute that changed your lives forever.

This is the only choice in your baby’s first year that endures. This is the next greatest love story of your lives, make no compromises with your memories.

You can book your due date today with one payment of $240 (plus 6 additional payments of $240) or, for the best value, one payment of $1599.

Only Two births available each month


Plus get an additional bonus when you pay in full

When you book your birth using the pay in full option, you’ll also get a FREE maternity portrait session complete with professional makeup artist.

Because free photo sessions are awesome.  (Like free guac!)

Valued at $299

Birth Photography Fort Worth

 I get it. Investing in birth photography… it’s hard.


With all the baby expenses, you’re on the fence about whether this investment is worth it.

Here’s the thing – soon the tiny adorable baby shoes and onsies will be gone.  Before you know it, your little one will start kindergarten… leaving you to wonder where your tiny little baby went.

All you will be left with are memories.  And memories are as fleeting as your baby’s first breath.

I want to help make it easier for you get the birth story you want.

Photographs are the only guaranteed way to keep every emotion, every memory fresh and lasting.

The Gift Registry helps offset the total cost of your birth story.  Instead of 10 bottles of baby lotion, your baby shower guests can gift you your birth photography.

Add your registry funds to the payment plan and you can have your baby shower cake and eat it, too.


Plus, 10% of sales go toward Cook Children’s

This donation, made in your honor, helps improve the health and lives of children right here in DFW.

Because Cook’s Loves our babies as much as we do

“Alex is so sweet, and the way she captured my son’s birth is absolutely gorgeous! Everything she did was personal and even returned to the hospital later to get the other children meeting their new baby brother!”
— Rachel Pearson


Birth Photography Fort Worth
Best Birth Photographer Fort Worth Dallas Texas Health Harris Downtown Natural Labor and Delivery Newborn Acclaim Midwives Rainbow Baby IVF baby birth photos professional birth photography

 Can I ease a little of your anxiety?

Birth photography isn’t just about placentas & vaginas

Yeah, I went there

I won’t focus on those things at all (unless you want me to). Birth & Life Photography is about helping you feel the crazy wonderful emotions felt during your baby’s birth all over again.

It’s about capturing you at your most powerful; that enchanting caterpillar/butterfly moment when you turn into a mother and see your baby for the first time.  And most importantly…

It’s about the greatest love story of your life – that one unconditional love that will never fade.

Did you know you could love someone this much?

“Alex is sooo stinking amazing!!! I love working with her at our births including, my sisters. She listens, is professional and 100% dependable. And her photos are so full of emotion. Couldn’t ask for a better birth photographer!! “
— Tonya Buffington, Right Hand Doula

Oh, but let me introduce myself!

Because you don’t want a complete stranger at your birth!

I’m Alex, a PR/Journalism Pro turned story-focused photographer.  After 15+ years of photography and newspaper story telling experience, birth and family photojournalism just fit like a good pair of maternity jeans. 

As a busy workin’ mom who saw it fly by too fast, I've been in your shoes.  I know how important these simple moments in life are and how fast they pass us by. 

I've made it my mission to help busy mothers like you document the best moments – the things they love most about their families – and turn them into the most personal and valued artwork for your home.

And not just any artwork – artwork that is guaranteed to last 100 years. Like, Ansel Adams & the Smithsonian.

Because your story is significant and deserves to be more than just a digital file.

Birth Stories Fort Worth Birth and Life Photography Family Photojournalism Documentary Birth Photography for busy moms

Random Facts & Stats

1 Journalism Degree

0 Missed births

28 Hours Longest Birth

45 Minutes Fastest Birth

2 spots each month

15+ Years’ Experience


Features, Awards & Othersuch



 You might be a Birth & Life Photography mom if...

Birth Photography Fort Worth Labor and Delivery at Acclaim Midwives at Harris Methodist Hospital Professional Birth Photographer shooting birth delivery photos of newborn babies

✔ You are really excited about becoming parents

✔ You have been waiting for this your whole life, as much as your wedding day

✔ You don’t want to miss a moment – even if you’re focused on all the other things (like contractions).

✔ You want your partner 100% focused on supporting you – and they want to catch!

✔ You don’t want to do anything after your delivery but rest – and rock!

✔ You want to look back on this day and remember the greatest love you've ever known


If this sounds like your cup of tea, this is your invitation to meet me for a cup as we plan a birth story as beautiful as your baby is going to be.


Still here? We’ll I’ve got more for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other mothers have wondered…