Wyatt Brooks: A Birth Story

Brandon remembers the first time he ever saw Allysa.  She was in the back row when he walked into church, 45 minutes late.  She noticed him, too, and wondered why this guy showed up so late to church. As she termed it, she was a hot mess that morning but felt she and her friends needed some Jesus despite her appearance.  Brandon did, too, which is why he went even though 45 mins late. 

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Just looking at her, Brandon felt something, like sparks of electricity, when he saw her.  He noticed a ray of light shining down through the church windows the fell right upon her like God was pointing to her.  He decided he needed to find out more about her. 

After church, he went to the Mexican food restaurant down the road.  There in the parking lot was Allysa.  He knew he had to take a chance and meet her, so walked right up to her and introduced himself. She said "Hi, I'm Allysa" and immediately excused her appearance.  "This girl cares what I think about her." he thought to himself. 

Alyssa invited him to eat with her and her friends for lunch.  He didn't say much.  Allysa talked the whole time, he said. No one else could get a word in.She ordered everyone's drinks for them and told them what to eat.  Who was this bossy girl, he wondered.    But Brandon didn't care. Brandon just wanted to listen to her and know more.

A week later, they went on their first date.  On the way home, Allysa talked to her mom who asked how the date went.  He's going to be the father of my children, she said.  It was literally love at first site.  Brandon and Allysa got married in July 2010 and welcomed their first son, Will, in October 2015.  In 2017, they were expecting again.  

Then, On the evening of January 9th, Allysa headed to the hospital to be induced.  It was time for their second son to make his arrival.  Brandon stayed right by her side, comforting her and making her laugh.  They shared stories of their life together, and you could see the love radiate between them.  

Then, in the early morning of January 10th at 6:38 a.m, Wyatt Brooks Myles arrived - 7 pounds, 6 ounces,  20 inches.

This beautiful, healthy baby boy was everything his wonderful parents had prayed for. 

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