Why you should hire a birth photographer

We've all seen those viral birth stories that get shared across social media.  Like the recent birth where the mother gives birth in the hallway. That was INTENSE! And so amazing to see. 

Birth photography isn't just for miraculous events like that or for peope who want to go viral with their personal, vulnerable moments across the internet. (Trust me when I tell you that mama did NOT plan that!)  With so many people putting their lives on social media these day's, many look at birth photography as something only those who want to be InstaFamous do. It's not!

In fact, birth photography isn't for viral social media at all! It's for you! No sensationalism attached. It's also not all about placentas and crowning heads.  Many mothers just want to capture the emotions, and we photographers do just that.

So we've compiled a list of the top eight reasons why you should hire a birth photographer for your delivery:

1. No two births are the same

Your baby will never be this little ever again.  The little baby things will be gone in the blink of an eye.  Photos, however, will last forever.  Especially our archival prints

2. There are some incredible, precious moments during birth, and often you miss them

You will be so focused on the task at hand, you might not even realize they happened. Birth photography makes those fleeting moments unforgettable. 

3. Birth stories are as much about YOU as they are your baby, if not more

This is the story of how you created and gave life.  It is the story of your strength and empowerment. It is the story of the day you became a mother. Or Father.  You will never be the same again because of it.

4. Your partner has a job to do, too; taking photographs is last on the list

They are there to support you and be in the moment just as much as you.  With birth photography, your partner doesn’t have to miss out on the experience to stop and take a picture. Instead, they can be 100% in the story.  It's their story, too.

5. Occasionally, mother nature has other plans for your birth

...such as premature delivery or emergency C-Section. Often there is no time to prepare your bag much less a camera.   With a birth photographer on call, you won’t miss anything.

6. Photography in dark rooms and poor lighting is hard

 It takes special gear, equipment, and professional knowledge that requires a large investment of both time and money.  With the best gear for the job, years of education and practice, we ensure your photographs are professional and tell a great story.

7. If you thought your wedding was filled with emotions you haven’t seen anything yet!

There are so many wonderful emotions that make this experience the best of your life, not to mention they make for great photos! Your baby's first breath, the first time you see your baby, the first time your partner sees your baby, etc.  It's so amazing, I'm getting choked up just thinking about all the first glances I've been so blessed to witness. 

8. When your child learns to ride a bike, starts kindergarten, graduates high school, or has a baby of their own, you’ll be looking back at the day it all began

It will be a bittersweet realization of how fast time really does go by.  With your birth story, you will be able to return to the first day by looking through your birth album, and you will smile because you have all the memories right there in your hands. 

What's your reason for hiring a birth photographer? Tell us below!