Tips for Stress-Free Photo Sessions


If you haven’t gathered the family in their coordinating outfits to take your holiday family photos, chances are, you are squeezing them in at the last minute and beginning to stress out about them. Am I right?

Rather than turning your session into traumatic event for all involved, I’ve got a few really simple tips for you, the parents, to get great family photographs with out the threats, tears, and tantrums.

Don’t worry, none of these tips require any extra work or stress to be effective.

  1. grab the session slot closest to sunset

    The light just at sunset is the best for photographs. The earlier in the day, the higher the sun and the harsher the light. Many photographers, especially newbies, don't know how to shoot properly in full sun, resulting is bad shadow on your faces. You can look up what time the sun will set on the date of your session here: sunset calculator

  2. Pick your outfit first

    We women are the most picky about what we’re wearing and find it hard to shop for ourselves. So pick your perfect outfit first, and build everyone else’s around your look.

  3. Eat before your session

    An empty tummy makes for unhappy kids. And dads. Often families plan to go eat after their sessions but hunger pains tend to get all the focus of your family. If you do plan to go eat after, eat a larger snack before heading to your session. Also, bring water bottles. I lost count of how many kids leave a session saying they’re thirsty. Especially if its warm.

  4. Let go of perfection and the pressure

    I get it; you want the perfect family photo. Unfortunately, screaming and threatening your kids to sit still and smile is not exactly the recipe for perfect family photos. Not to mention that not every photographer will photoshop that throbbing vein on your forehead. The best shots of your family are when they are being themselves, silly or not.

  5. Let the kids be kids

    Asking a kid to sit still for longer than 3 minutes is a recipe for tears and frowns. If there is room to wiggle, wander, or run and your photographer is cool with it, let them.

  6. Don't force smiles

    Fake smiles are weird and sometimes the non-smiles make for a fabulous photo. Let those sweet kids smile naturally.

  7. Trust your photographer 

    Let her or him do the work. If everyone is posed and perfect except one kid, the moment you get out of position, you add an extra three minutes onto that one shot and chances are, your kid was perfect right after you moved.. Stay put. I promise we will get that little one to smile or look the right way at the right time. If we need your help, we will definitely ask..

These really simple things will really help make your portrait session experience enjoyable for everyone.

Have any other tips or tricks that have worked with your family’s sessions? Feel free to share them in the comments below!