The Effarah Family


Life As We Know It Family Photojournalism Story


I spent an entire day with Sarah, Sam & their boys to document their Life As We Know It: Family Photojournalism session. 

The day started right at breakfast.  We went rock climbing, played hide and seek, took naps, watched cartoons, read books, and took a bubble bath.  Finally, after yummy dinner Sam cooked, they settled into bed to read a book about the planets that filled the night sky over their happy home. 

It wasn't a special day; just an average, ordinary Saturday but I photographed so many special moments of this family together.  Sarah just finished her photo gallery wall filled with so many photographs from that fun day that I thought it was time to put that wonderful family up on the blog.  

Thank you, Sarah & Sam, for letting me be a part of your family for the day and capture the love and life within your home. 


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