A first-time birth story at Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness


Nothing makes me happier than getting to photograph a friend’s birth. When my fellow coach-wife Ashley entrusted me to capture the moment her and hubby TJ’s sweet baby arrived, I was overjoyed. This was her first baby, and she was more than excited.

Ashley’s pregnancy was wonderful. She was cheerful and adorably pregnant with the cutest baby bump. If Sephora could bottle her pregnancy glow...they’d have all of our money.

Two big brothers excitedly awaited the arrival of their new sibling. They did not know whether to expect a brother or a sister and did not have a preference.

In the late hours of July 27th, Ashley’s labor began. They made their way to Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center. Ashley wanted the most natural experience for her baby, and supported by her FWBWC midwives, her doula Tonya, and husband TJ, she worked through every exhausting contraction.

She tried the birthing tub, the stool; she walked and squatted. She tried every suggestion her birth team gave her. And after 12 long hours…

At 11:25 am, weighing in at 6lbs 7oz and 20 inches long, their sweet baby was born! It was a girl! Everleigh Rose was here.

After spending time bonding with their new baby, Everleigh’s big brothers arrived to see their new baby sister. Ashley had gently wrapped her up in a warm towel, hidden from view. Each family member came into the room, one at a time, not knowing what to expect - first Phoenix, then McCoy. Soon Everleigh’s new grandparents followed.

As each big brother crept to the side of the bed where Ashley cuddled their new sister, she peeled back the towel to reveal Everleigh and the beautiful rose-patterned hat they had picked to signify their new baby was a girl. Each held their new little sister, enamored by this tiny, beautiful little being.

After the family shared all their blessings, Ashley and Everleigh spent time relaxing in an herbal bath, just the two of them. There Ashley studied her beautiful new daughter - her tiny ears, her beautiful lips, and every inch of her precious face.

Love radiated between them. It is the moment each mother experiences as she realizes how she unconditionally loves this precious child more than life.

Welcome to the world, Everleigh Rose. You are loved. ♥️

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