2018 Fall Portrait Style Guide


It's getting to be that time of year again! As summer winds down, school starts, and fall approaches, somewhere in the back of your mind, you are planning possible outfit ideas for your fall portraits.

Maybe you've been browsing Pinterest looking for some ideas and pinning possibilities.  Maybe you're just noticing something cute in your weekly email from Nordstrom.  Whatever the reason, as your family portrait photographer, I always do my best to help and offer suggestions.

On that note, here is your annual style guide based on the Pantone colors of the season!

Fall/Winter Top 10 Fashion Color Trend Palette

Alex Shelley Photography DFW Fall Family Portrait Outfit Coordination Colors Pantone Color Report Fall 2018

2018 Fall/Winter Classic Color Palette

Alex Shelley Photography DFW Planning Fall Family Portrait Outfits Pantone Color Report Fall classic colors 2018


If you saw our post on how to shop for your family portraits last year, you know that these Pantone  picks are the colors for fashion trends each season.  You'll notice as you shop in stores and online that all of the new items in coming into stores are all of these colors. These colors don't just apply to women's items, but also mens clothing, girls, boys, and baby. 

Go ahead and pin this to keep it handy for your shopping trip.  By consulting this list while you shop, you can easily plan and coordinate your portrait outfit color scheme before you even leave the house to go shopping.   

More Tips for flattering Photo Outfits

  1. Wear clothing that fits your figure
    While it is very tempting to "hide" things under a baggy sweaters or loose layers, DON'T. You'll hide any shape and appear bigger and frumpy in pictures.  While you don't want your clothing to squeeze and show bulges, you do want it to gently hug your shape.  

  2. Send your pants to the ground
    Skip the capris.  Long lengths make you look taller and leaner as well as keeping to focus on your face and not your ankles.  The same applies with skirts - go really long or really short, but nothing in between. If you go long, go all the way to the ground; don't get lazy and cut off at the ankles. 
    *If you're worries about your thighs in a short skirt, wear darker color tights to hide "Imperfections" and make them appear slimmer.
  3. Wear heels
    Heels elongate your leg, accenting your calves, and creating a vertical line to make your look taller. Skip heels with high vamps that cut your legs off at the ankle and platform shoes that turn your feet into thick bricks..
  4. All men look good in a tailored jacket/sport coat
    Guys have it so easy.. A clean cut suit jacket or sport coat broadens shoulders, hides love handles, and just flatters every man who wears one, whether he wears a button down or t-shirt underneath it.  They. Just. Look. Good.
  5. Skip the scarf
    I know it's fall and they are so cozy and warm, but they add some major bulk to your frame, hiding your neck and making your head look larger.  Exposing your neck creates  the appearance of a longer torso and creates the begining of your shape.

We've done a little shopping for you!

Head over to our 2018 Fall Family Portrait Clothing board on Pinterest.  Every item pinned is currently in stores.  Click on any item to go straight to the site to purchase your favorite options.