Make it easy peasy

I've spent the last nine years being a way-too-busy mom.

I juggled a career, community involvement, volunteering at my daughter's school, extra activities, housework, and kid schoolwork...all while sitting in DFW traffic.

Life was seriously crazy. And stressful.

It seems the moment you have a child your schedule goes from full to fullest.  Moms are awesome because we figure out how to balance it all AND make it look like we can handle more (because why else would people ask us to do more if we didn't look that way, right?)

So when I find something that makes life easier, I jump on it like it's a calorie-free cheesecake.  (Grocery Store curbside pickup is happening 9 years too late, and Subway really needs a drive-thru window, IMHO.)

When I was developing my plan for Alex Shelley Photography, I wanted to make sure I made life just a little bit easier my clients.

I turned to my mom friends and asked them what I could do in regards to photos. My good friend Melanie said something that really stuck with me. She had regularly hired a photographer for family portraits. She loved her photos but hated the hassle of having to get them printed and then search for frames.  She wished it just came ready to go.

And boom! There it was.

I could make life so much easier by getting it all done for you.

I have a strict philosophy: don't buy cheap shoes, toilet paper, or anything you value.

So, of course, I refuse to put your gorgeous photographs in cheap frames and paper mats from a craft store. Instead, I hunted for a local framing resources that were the best - high quality, archival frames with 100% cotton rag mats.

The best part is the frames that come standard with your order aren’t as expensive as going to a framing place -and in some cases – better quality. In my hunt for frames, I walked into a local framing shop and asked about archival frames.  The sales person nor the owner had a clue what I was talking about, so I said thank you and left.

From there, I added on a bit more convenience with pre-designed gallery walls custom made for your space, and mobile album apps for your cell phone to show off your beautiful family wherever you may be - WITH NO ADDED CHARGE!  I added a bit more convenience by partnering with a personal stylist to help you choose your family's look for your shoot.

Each day I look for new ways to make your photography experience more convenient.  Have a few ideas of your own or wish photographers would make something else easier?  Let me know! I'd love to make the experience better for you.

Here's to calorie-free cheesecake!

much love, alex