Photo Finished Makeup


Let's face it, makeup can be tricky enough on a normal day without throwing photographs into the mix.  Sure, there are thousands of makeup tutorials out there, but they aren’t always photo friendly.  The fact is, the normal makeup you wear for every day doesn’t always photograph well. I tapped into the expertise of New York City makeup artist Jane Meng of 25th and Jane who was happy to give you a few tips and tricks for your best photo-finished face.

Exfoliate & Moisturize the night before

Products look better on skin that is smooth and super hydrated.  This helps diminish the visible texture of your skin.  Avoid over exfoliating; you don't want to dehydrate or irritate your skin.  Also, never exfoliate breakouts as you will open the blemish and spread bacteria to other areas of the skin.

Jane Meng Makeup Webitorial


Use a primer

Primers are awesome for pore filling and mattifying. Again, think smooth skin.

Use corrective concealer under the eye

Jane recommends peaches for fairer skin tones, oranges for darker tones.

Choose matte foundation, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick

While the dewy and shimmer look is great in person, the camera picks up those reflections and creates blown out highlights on your face.  While this is often used in fashion photography, you may not want this look for your family photograph or professional head shot.  That being said, some highlighting products can enhance certain features, but check with a professional to make sure they are correctly applied.

Eyeliner is awesome

Smudge it into the lash line for a natural look.  Be sure to use waterproof products to avoid an Alice Cooper eye fiasco.

Use black mascara

Make those luscious lashes stand out!  Again, use waterproof products unless you are going to an Alice Cooper concert.

Have a light hand

While she just told you about six different products, less is more.

When in doubt....

Use a professional makeup artist who experienced in working with photographers.

My own personal tip:

Don’t try anything new.  Stick to your usual, well-practiced style.  The day of your photo session is not the time to try Adele’s cat eye or Kim’s eyebrow and contouring tricks.  Be you.

As for recommended products, Jane suggests consulting a professional aesthetician to determine the correct products and application methods for your skin type.

You can check out more of Jane's work at and on Instagram @25thandjane.

I hope these expert tips help give you the confidence to put your best face forward for your photo session.

much love, alex