Best Friends Forever


BFFs: Best. Friends. Forever. Session.

I spent an evening photographing three teens who have been friends since childhood.  Each one unique - one a cheerleader, one on the drill team, and another in theater - but each brought a special aspect to the session and the friendship.

For them, it's summer break from high school. Time for messy hair, non-dress code shorts, the smell of sunscreen, and trips to Sonic for slushes on hot Texas afternoons.

alex Shelley teens collage 1
alex Shelley teens collage 1

I couldn't help but reflect on the friendships I've had over the years, and looked back to that summer when my best friends and I were 16.  I don’t quite remember exactly what we did all summer other than drive around in Courtney’s convertible, but the sunscreen, flip-flops, and slushes were there.


Over time, life changes you and your friendships, but these girls? These girls will always be there.

These are the friends of your lifetime.

In a few years, you'll go off in different directions for college, and then life. There will be new places, new experiences, and new friends - but there will always be the three of you.  You may not talk every day or even every month.  You might miss weddings, or births, or really important life events.


But they will always be there.

When life hits hard, they will be there.  For every joyous moment, they will celebrate with you no matter where they may be.  When you start a photography business (run a marathon, open an interior design firm, whatever!), they will be your cheerleader and your first paying customer because they believe in you.  These friends will always pick up the phone when you call. When you need them, they will always be there.

Because that's what lifelong best friends do.

Thank you for letting me document your friendship ladies.  Maybe we should do this again in 20 years.

much love,alex