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Most of us cringe at the idea of having our portraits taken, much less hanging them on the wall.  They can be stressful, anxiety-inducing events. I want to change that for you. Let's have a little fun and take some gorgeous photographs.

You will find that your portrait session feels less like standing in front of a camera and more like spending time with an old friend or member of your family. You ‘ll notice you have relaxed, your smiles with be real, and you’ll leave your session with a new love of portrait sessions.

Portrait sessions are the perfect blend of a little-directed posing and the freedom to relax and be yourself.  Portraits shouldn't be about depicting false perfection and I purposely capture your own personal glamour in the simplicity of you.

What we capture

Portrait sessions can be used for seniors, families, maternity & newborn, or just because you want a beautiful photograph of yourself. Do you really need a better reason than that?

Makeup ARtist

A Professional Makeup Artist is in included in your session.  I not only want to ensure your makeup flawlessly enhances your natural beauty and photographs well, but we also want to give you a moment of pampering and relaxation, because who doesn't love the relaxing feeling of makeup brushes being swept across their face?

Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.
— Iman


Your session fee of $299 includes your in-home professional makeup session and your photo session time. Your session is uniquely planned just for you and is the only session on that day because you deserve the attention to get the best photos of you or your family.  

I do as much as I can to make this an easy, stress-free experience for you, from helping you coordinate outfits to hanging your framed artwork.

Sessions are not limited to a time because sometimes it takes a minute to get comfortable in front of a camera. Other times we just have too much fun to stop!

After your session, you will see your fully edited photographs during your viewing session. You decide which collections you wish to purchase. You only purchase what you love and nothing more. Every purchased photograph includes the high resolution digital image.


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Because a beautiful portrait is a terrible thing to keep hidden away on a disk.


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