This is me.

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This is me.

This is me with no makeup, unedited. Heck, I haven't even washed my face. My hair needs to be washed and I just got done running. You can see every pore, every freckle, every mark.

There is not a single more raw photograph of myself in existence.

I HATE having my photo taken.

Always have. I seriously break out in a panic attack whenever there is a camera around and I'm not the one holding it. We recently had to do our family football program photos and I think every one of my coach wife friends could tell I was coming unhinged. If I could, I would cut my photo out of every program printed.

Why? Because half the people (photographers even) don't take the time or effort that I do to make sure it's a good, flattering photo I will like. They don't hide the double chin or even determine the good side.

I feel 100% times more confident showing this raw photograph of myself than I will about that football picture.

You shouldn't have to feel the way that I do. 

I won't let you. 

I do my best to ensure there is a photograph of you that you feel comfortable showing the world. Whether it's edited or as raw as this one. For years I have studied lens choice, editing, posing all so that you will have that one photograph you are proud to show off.  To top that off, I include the wonderful services of my makeup artist Melissa so you really have the in the outcome of your portrait as well as yourself. 

You deserve that.

You deserve to feel glamorous and beautiful. You deserve to have that one photo you are proud to show the world. To hang on the wall for the rest of your life.  

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